‘Pineapple Express’ Drenches Pacific Northwest

Written by Gavin White

Last updated 12/7/2023, 6:50:31 PM

If you thought weather in 2023 couldn’t get any weirder, prepare yourself for this unfamiliar weather term. A ‘Pineapple Express,’ as it’s known to local forecasters, has formed in the Pacific Northwest, dumping loads of moisture in the form of rain to the Pacific coasts of Oregon, Washington, and Canada. As much as 4-8 inches of rain has fallen between Monday and Tuesday thus far, with the higher amounts over mountainous regions.

As a result of the heavy rainfall, especially over river origins in the mountains, rivers in Washington have overflowed, flooding towns and neighborhoods. Flood warnings and advisories are in effect throughout the state Tuesday (December 5) and Wednesday (December 6).

Flooding in western Washington on December 5. Photo courtesy of Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (KOIN 6 News).