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Lettuce Celery-brate the Fall Garden Season

Planting a fall garden has gotten easier over the years as our temperatures stay warmer for longer.

Written by Mary Wasson, Meteorologist
Published 9/25/2023, 11:29:48 PM
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Eastern US Bracing for Windswept Rain and Life-Threatening Surf from TS Ophelia

East Coast is Bracing for Tropical Storm Conditions; Making Landfall in North Carolina Early Saturday and Impacting Coast for Days.

Written by MarcAnthony Ramos
Published 9/22/2023, 9:27:41 PM
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Crucial Tips to Help You Prepare for a Hurricane

As the peak of hurricane season approaches, here are some tips to help you and your family stay well prepared and safe if a hurricane is coming your way.

Written by Ellie Decker
Published 9/22/2023, 2:11:42 PM
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Mid-Atlantic Braces for Heavy Rain Amid Likely Tropical Cyclone Formation

Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, and life-threatening storm surges to the most densely populated region in the nation.

Written by Gavin White
Published 9/21/2023, 3:39:42 PM
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Arizona Set For One of the Driest Monsoon Seasons

As September closes and winds shift, Arizona is left drier than normal following 2023’s Monsoon season.

Written by Shannon Brady
Published 9/21/2023, 9:11:58 AM
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Idalia is heading towards Florida as a possible major hurricane

Floridians prepare for a major hurricane as Idalia strengthens in the Gulf of Mexico.

Written by Mary Wasson, Meteorologist
Published 8/28/2023, 4:17:57 PM
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Hawaii was ravaged by wildfires last week, but how did weather play a factor?

A major wildfire took the town of Lahaina by surprise with devasting consequences.

Written by Mary Wasson, Meteorologist
Published 8/14/2023, 1:03:51 PM
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Anticipated Severe Thunderstorms Pose Implications for Philadelphia, Including the scheduled Phillies Game

Severe weather could impact the big game tonight but it won't last long.

Written by Sarrah Pelorus
Published 8/7/2023, 2:45:01 PM
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Let kids play outside and strive for 1000 hours a year!

Letting kids play outside in all types of weather is beneficial to their health, mentally and physically.

Written by Mary Wasson, Meteorologist
Published 7/25/2023, 5:56:26 PM
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Massive Amounts of Rain put the Northeast Under Water Earlier this Week

The Northeast is still cleaning up from the historic flooding from earlier this week.

Written by Mary Wasson, Meteorologist
Published 7/13/2023, 6:48:45 PM
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