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Lettuce Celery-brate the Fall Garden Season

Planting a fall garden has gotten easier over the years as our temperatures stay warmer for longer.

Updated 9/25/2023, 11:29:48 PM by Mary Wasson, Meteorologist

Eastern US Bracing for Windswept Rain and Life-Threatening Surf from TS Ophelia

East Coast is Bracing for Tropical Storm Conditions; Making Landfall in North Carolina Early Saturday and Impacting Coast for Days.

Updated 9/22/2023, 9:27:41 PM by MarcAnthony Ramos

Crucial Tips to Help You Prepare for a Hurricane

As the peak of hurricane season approaches, here are some tips to help you and your family stay well prepared and safe if a hurricane is coming your way.

Updated 9/22/2023, 2:11:42 PM by Ellie Decker

Mid-Atlantic Braces for Heavy Rain Amid Likely Tropical Cyclone Formation

Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, and life-threatening storm surges to the most densely populated region in the nation.

Updated 9/21/2023, 3:39:42 PM by Gavin White