Major Winter Storm Targets the Northeast

Written by Sarrah Pelorus

Last updated 12/14/2020, 5:37:20 PM

This week, more than 47 million people are under a winter storm watch or warning as heavy snow is expected to cover parts of the Northeast.

The original storm which began Sunday in the Pacific Northwest, is expected to bring significant snow in the Northeast along with heavy freezing rain and ice through portions of central Virginia and North Carolina. The Rockies and the central Plains are forecast to receive snow along with rain and storms according to the National Weather Service.

By Wednesday morning, the storm is to hit the East Coast where it will draw moisture from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The clash with cold air to the north, will only strengthen the storm. A mix of rain and snow will break out from Washington, D.C., northward while heavy rain and strong thunderstorms will impact the Southeast to the coastal Carolinas during the afternoon. Wednesday night, areas from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia may experience a mix of rain and snow, while New York City, Boston and other locations across the interior Northeast will likely get snow. Snowfall rates will be heavy throughout the storm and  gusty winds could cause whiteout conditions. The national weather service cautions that power outages and dangerous travel conditions may occur.

On Thursday, the snow is expected to continue through the morning hours for the Northeast and New England, but will taper off throughout the day. An expected 3-6 inches of snow is possible from central Virginia up through Maine. Meanwhile, Washington is forecast to see as much as 6 inches of snow, Philadelphia and Boston up to 8 inches, New York City up to 12 inches. Those totals could end up being lower, especially in Philadelphia and Washington, where rain is also expected.

This could be one of the largest snowstorms in nearly five years to hit New York City. The last storm to drop 12 inches or more was in January 2016. The last storm to cover the city in at least 6 inches was in November 2018. As the storm continues, predictions become clearer. Be sure to check back in on our blog for updates.

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