Father’s Day Weekend Weather Forecast

Written by Sarrah Pelorus

Last updated 6/19/2020, 11:18:44 AM


We made it to the first week of summer!

Father’s Day for many means going to the beach, cookouts, or visiting with family and friends. No matter what your plans are, it’s always best to be storm ready and prepared for bad weather. Here is a brief overview of what to expect this weekend.  

The Northeast will have spotty thunderstorms and showers in the afternoon with temperatures expected to stay in the 70s and 80s. A slow storm system is to blame for the afternoon showers as it glides over the Carolinas and Virginia bringing heavy storms in the region and will continue its path expanding to the Northeast. Although this rain comes at a bad time for those planning weekend picnics, the wet weather is welcomed to the region's ecosystem as the recent dry weather in the northeast will benefit from some needed rain. Northern Coastal Regions have a higher chance of dry weather. While Washington, D.C. and New York are likely to be met with showers.

Most of the South and Southeast is expected to stay dry through the weekend as the storm system that brought rain to the region is continuing its path up North. The Florida Peninsula is likely to receive some strong winds and thunderstorms as a result of a strong breeze coming in from the Atlantic. Thus threatening holiday plans for those in Miami and Fort Myers. 

Across the Midwest a storm system is set to glide through the Great Lakes bringing rainy weather and severe storms to those through Ohio Valley, the Mid-south and Midwest during the day. The storms could stretch west into the central and southern plains as the chance of wet weather will increase in the heat in the afternoon. Showers are expected in the Pacific Northwest through Seattle, Portland and parts of the Rocky Mountains on Sunday as a disturbance comes in from the Pacific Ocean. However, most of the west will have dry weather and clear skies over the weekend. Because of the dry weather, it is important to be aware of fire weather warnings and stay aware of fire safety as wildfires continue to threaten Arizona, California and other parts of the Southwest.

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