Brutal, All-Time Record Heat to Continue for the U.S. Pacific Northwest

Written by Dustin Maddox, Meteorologist

Last updated 6/27/2021, 8:48:11 PM

A widespread, long-lasting, and historic heat wave will continue for a few more days for the U.S. Pacific Northwest region. Many places throughout the area will experience all-time record heat due to a massive, nearly stationary ridge of high pressure centered over far Southwest Canada.

Today and tomorrow (Monday) will likely be the peak of the hottest temperatures averaging 30-35 degrees above normal in some spots. However, the heat and above-normal temperatures will continue through most of the upcoming week ahead. Geopotential heights today and tomorrow are forecast to approach and exceed 5960 meters for Washington and southern British Columbia province, leading to actual temperatures in the 105 to 115 degrees range at the surface for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and southwestern Canada. The National Weather Service is forecasting a high of 110 for Seattle tomorrow (Monday) which would be an all-time record high temperature and a high of 115 for Portland tomorrow (Monday) which would also be an all-time record high temperature. Excessive heat warnings remain in place for most of the upcoming week for portions of 6 western states - Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and California.

Daily, monthly, and even all-time record highs continue to be shattered during what the National Weather Service is calling an “unprecedented” weather event. The region typically experiences only 2 to 3 major heat waves each summer, and thus many residents do not have access to air conditioning in their residence. Many appliance stores have sold out of air condition units days ago in preparation for the predicted record heat. Numerous “cooling centers” have been set up throughout Washington and Oregon to help provide some relief from the heat.

Looking ahead, temperatures will moderate some by the middle to end of the week, but temperatures will remain above normal and precipitation will remain below normal for at least the next 10 days according to the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center. The average high temperature for this time of the year for Seattle is 73 degrees and for Portland is 77 degrees.

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